Trapping for Feral Cat Clinic 9/27

We armed the traps on Saturday, 9/25, to capture cats for clinic on Monday 9/27.

Big T

BigT - Ready for clinic

BigT - Ready for Transport

A medium hair grey tabby, related to Fluff E and Little T but much bigger. He has large paws and a large head like our resident Jojo. When threatened he growls, like Jojo. I transfer him to a medium carrier, taking care to not present any possible exits. I put the carrier in a cage and open the door. When I check back later he is out of the carrier, in the rear of the cage and looks miserable.



Lucy ready for clinic

Late on Sunday we catch a light grey female. She too is very unhappy to be in the cage.


Again, Marilyn of Forgotten Felines is there before me with six kittens for the clinic. They are less busy today.

When Marie picks up the cats they tell us that Big T is 12 lbs and looks healthy and well fed and that he has an intimidating growl. We’ll release him on Tuesday but hold Lucy for several more days to ensure she is well.


Tuesday we decide to release BigT because he’s spent the last 12 hours laying in his carrier. He is either depressed or not recovering – we can’t tell. Since the clinic said he was generally robust we decide it is probably depression and decide to release him that evening. At Mud Bay we open his carrier door. He takes several seconds, pokes his head out to look back at us, and then takes off.

Wednesday we see that Lucy has been active most of the night (thanks to a web cam I set up to monitor her. The clinic said that ideally we would keep females for 3 days but should release her if she is not suitable to be kept in a cage. With all her movement she seems as likely to hurt herself in the cage as she is outdoors. We can’t get her back into her carrier so we transport the whole cage to Mud Bay. We back the car in and open the door. She surprises us by not running to the nearest shelter but instead through the parking lot to the side walk then hangs a left. Bye bye Lucy…

Trapping planned for next Monday’s clinic.



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