Vomit: A Part of the Cat Lifestyle

Yesterday Luna regurgitated her breakfast. It is not all that uncommon for one of our cats to vomit, though there is usually an identifiable reason such as a hair ball, quick change in food, or they ate too much kitty grass. This was not due to any of those so we took note and gave her some more food. A while later she vomited that. We gave her an hour or two, then some more food. This time there was some blood in the vomit so Marie took her to our vet. Now $200 wiser, we thought we’d share what we learned.

Cats vomit – it is part of the cat lifestyle. Maybe they ate something inappropriate or their food just didn’t settle. While something to note, one or two instances of vomiting may not be cause for concern. You should wait 4 maybe 6 hours to let their digestion settle and feed them again. If there is any doubt about the freshness of the food, get fresh food. If the second feeding does not stay down, wait a while longer and try again. Because the way cats vomit is so violent by the third or fourth time there may be some blood in the vomit. This is cause for increased concern but maybe not a vet visit yet.

Here are some signs that you should get your cat to the vet:

  • Blood in first vomit
  • Green color in vomit
  • Unable to keep any food down for past 24 hours
  • Signs of dehydration
  • Low energy or other signs of illness
  • Frequent vomiting. More than once a month with out cause – be sure to ask your vet about it. More than once a week – go to your vet sooner than later.

Our vet examined Luna for any signs of illness. Particularly for indication she may have swallowed something bad. Seeing none he sent us home with some easy to digest food (Royal Canin i/d) and a few anti-nausia pills. Luna didn’t eat anything that evening. This morning, though she acted hungry she had no interest in the “i/d” canned food. She normally eats raw food, which she likes quite a bit. I put just a little raw on top of the canned and that got her going.



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