The White Lady

Thursday night I trapped a cat. Back home I visited with her in the carrier and determined she was tame. She has a beautiful white coat with a hint of grey down her spine and a dusty grey tail. Her coat was dirty and she was very, very skinny.

Tame cats who get lost or abandoned don’t know how to take care of themselves. Lost tame cats are the underfed dirty looking cats. Feral cats, by contrast, do know how to take care of themselves and they can look pretty good, as long as they are healthy.

I set her up in our display cage. I’m building inserts for this so cats have several levels on which to perch and the messy litter can be kept on the bottom layer. With out these cats, litter, and food are all on the bottom and that is not how cats want to live.

When I opened the carrier door she jumped down to the floor and hunkered down. She was just slightly receptive to pets. Clearly socialized to people but in shock from her recent experience. To be so skinny she must have been out on the street for a month. To go from a pampered life as a companion to living on the stree must be scarry and confusing.

The White Lady at our house

With the comfort of some pets she went over and ate the food that she had previously just sniffed at. She did not seem inclined to climb back up to her carrier or the cubby so I put a snuggly wool cloth down on the floor for her, covered over the cage, and let her have a quite, warm, dry night.

In the morning I found that she had regurgitated her whole meal. I had encouraged her to eat too much food at one time. I cleaned everything up and gave her some more food. I pet her more and found her slightly more relaxed. She purred. I brushed out her coat.

Later that morning I said Medicine Buddha prayers, concentrating specially on her. When I came down again she had eaten all her food and climbed up to the cubby. I pet her in there and she purred then kept purring after I stopped. I gave her another small portion of food, which she ate. She was happy to be inside a relaxing a little.

Luna soon after she arrived

Early afternoon I bundled her into her carrier and took her down to the Seattle Animal Shelter. Within a couple minuts of sitting down with officer Corry she was vaccinated, given wormer, treated for fleas, and scanned for a microchip (none). He took her to the back where she’ll be fed and fussed over by volunteers. In a couple days I hope she’ll be transfered to a foster home for some indoor TLC.

Her way of snuggling into my hand reminded me of Luna. Luna came to us underweight, half her coat licked off, and somewhat is shock from some recent experience. Now she is pamperd daily. Hopefully the White Lady will soon have a happy, pampered existence.


The Seattle Animal Shelter said she was “ancient”, may be developing kidney disease, and not a candidate for adoption.  We gave some thought to adopting her ourselves.  Nelson and Luna were returning to a happy two cat society – we hated to risk upsetting that.  But if the alternative for her was euthanasia we might.  Fortunately, the woman feeding her where she was trapped volunteered to take her in.  At the shelter I saw that someone had written “sweet” on the cage card.

White Lady at the shelter

White Lady's cage card with volunteer notes

In addition to the vaccinations and flea treatment the shelter also did FIV/FeLV tests (negative) and microchipped her.  This is a great facility and the people at the shleter are working hard to help animals in their care.  Today the White Lady goes a good home.

White Lady in her new home.


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