Winnie Getting Snuggly

In the beginning there was Nelson.  He liked to sleep on my desk while I worked.

The towel was not that comfortable

So I bought him a bed.

Nelson mostly fills up the bed

And he loved the bed.  Then came Luna, and there was conflict

Nelson just evicted Luna from the bed

So I bought another bed.

Peace in the kingdom

I even bought a large bed for them to share.


Luna is not a cat snuggler

The big bed was OK but snug little beds were much preferred.  Our foster kitten Max also loved the beds.


Max in bed

Again, sometimes there was conflict


Max is too cute to evict

Sometimes we put the beds on our bed at night so our cats could sleep in bed on bed but we found this too crowded so I built a cat bed at the head of our bed.


Bed bed bed bed

But they still preferred the snug little beds so we put the two cat beds on the cat bed.


Cats in bed on bed

Or current foster cat Winnie loves Nelson, and they both snuggle together in the little cat beds, even though they hardly fit


Winnie loves Nelson

Recently we have had only one cat bed at the head of our human bed and Luna has been sleeping in it.  Last night Nelson showed up first and settled into the bed.  Winnie showed up next and snuggled in with Nelson.  Luna showed up a little latter to find that her bed was full.  This was intollerable.  She hissed and glowered at them but they did not move so Luna left, making the huffing sound cats use to express disgust.  Sleeping somewhere else was not satisfying so Luna was soon back glowering at the boys.  Nelson, who’s on prozac, decided that a turf war was not compatible with a good sleep so he left to seek uncontested bedding.  Winnie, surprisingly, stayed.

I thought “I’ll chase him away so that we can all settle for the night”.  Now Winnie started life in a feral colony with out human contact.  He is comfortable living with us but has a strict no-touch policy.  When we reached out toward him he would skiddle away.  Recently though, when he is sleepy and snuggled next to Nelson he has let us pet him a little.  Winnie was not sleepy and didn’t have Nelson so I figured that I could chase him away simply by reaching out to pet him.  Instead, Winnie let me pet him.  And he purred!  We went through this exercise twice then I explained to Luna that Winnie was not leaving and she had to settle with sleeping on the big bed next to me. Winnie is slowly relaxing his no touch policy.


Peace is restored


  1. Hi, I’m a kitty, and my name is Luna, too! 😀




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