Summer Kittens

Over the summer we had two litters of kittens from feral mother cats.  We trapped Lilly, realized she was lactating, and the next day went back and found her kittens.  She lived and her kittens lived in our garage for several weeks.  When I visited the kittens would peep and come out to visit me while Lilly stayed hidden in her carrier.

The two brothers

Then Deb brought Emma and her 4 kittens who we also housed in the garage. Here are Ursa and Booboo.

After a while I moved Lilly and her kittens to my office so they could have more indoor time and socialization.  I also brought Emma’s kittens up for visits and when they were fully weaned moved them into my office.  We also trapped a beautiful little snowshoe kitten who I socialized and integrated.

Saami integrated:

 In the end we had a mess of kittens upstairs:


Here’s a video of them all playing together:

  1. Do you still have your gorgeous little snowshoe? He would look so cute with my full grown snowshoe, who I trapped and tamed as a feral kitten. 🙂 I think he’d be happy here too. We adore our cat(s), feed them raw organic food and we urge them to sleep on the bed with us but of course they are free beings.


  2. All these kittens have gone to good homes.



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