Nelson’s New Home

Nelson’s adopters have written us several times with updates:

First night:

As soon as we got him home he did the low walking all around our place like you said he would. Then once he realized there were no other cats or people he instantly started acting like king! We spent the evening playing with the feather toy you suggested and his tunnel box! After a few hours he fell asleep on Dan’s lap while we watched a movie. He has been eating well already (I think you were right 3 oz isn’t going to be enough, we are going to stick to 4-6). More updates and photos to come later. Thank you for raising such a great cat! We promise him a fun, safe, and loving home.

Belly Time

Decembert 20, 2011

The king is doing fantastic! I was home sick for most of this week so we had some great bonding time. Now he follows me all around the apartment! I am never out of his sight! He “helped” me wrap christmas presents, and he was so helpful that I decided to build him a cat condo from the boxes I had left over.

Wrapping presents


Casa de Nelson

January 10, 2012

Here are a few pictures of the best cat on earth! I don’t know how he got the laundry basket to balance like this, but he is amazing! Hope you guys are having a good new year!

Laundry basket trick

It is great to hear from them and know they love Nelson and that Nelson is happy in his home.


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