Winnie – Update

A year ago, beginning of 2011, we received two orange kittens who were very fierce.  We worked with them for a long time.  Marie lived with Odel in her office for about a month.  He eventually grew to trust her.  I worked with Winnie by snoggling him.  Eventually I realized that he did not like contact and forcing it was not helping.  I change policy and let him have run of the house with no attempts to touch him.  Turned out he was a super fun cat to have around – always interested and very affectionate with our boy Nelson.  Ready for play, interested in what I was doing.  He just had a no touch policy.

We tried to adopt them together, and did send them home with one adopter who returned both the next day.  One reason for the return was that they could not touch the boys.  I told them this quite clearly but they must have a believed they had superior kitten taming abilities.  Eventually Odel went to a great home in Edmonds leaving us with Winnie.  Winnie had a number of potential adopters call. I screened carefully for adopters who would have the patience to work with him and stability (less likely to have life changes that required re-homing Winnie) and ended up convincing most adopters to look at other cats.

I was just accepting that he may be our cat, an idea I mostly liked, and he was just beginning to get snuggly when the perfect adopter showed up.  She was looking for a companion for her cat, had experience with shy cats, had patience, and seemed stable.  I was sad to see him go.

Our current foster Sammy is a lot like Winnie.  Wondering how Winnie, is I queried Jill who sent this report.  His name is now Pinto, aka Bean.

Hi Tom,

Little Bean is fantastic. I am SO in love with him! He is such an easy cat. Yes, he is super loving (to me) and although he may always be skiddish, he sleeps with me on the bed, loves to cuddle next to me, lick my hands and even lets me curl my face up next to him and take a nap with him and yes, pick him up. He even sits next to me now on my chair when I am working and lets me put him on my lap (for a while).

He and Pacha get along great (he is MUCH friendlier to her than she will ever be to him but they are really good buds now, finally – it took 6 months for her to be really warm to him and even then she prefers my company to his). She is on prednisone for asthma and that makes her more irritated but he is submissive and follows her around like her kitten. They play-fight and chase each other at least 6 times a day, just like children. They go out during the day and I lock them in at dusk. Pinto changed dramatically once I let him do that. He became SO much happier and less demanding of Pacha. They hang pretty tight outside and when the weather is nice, he likes to stay out most of the day, sleeping out there and coming in for dinner and a few snacks during the day. They love to go for walks with me on the beach and Pinto chases the sand-fleas and seagulls!
Pinto went to the vet, yes, TO the vet recently. I had to trick him into his box but he was fine there and checked out as healthy as can be.
I think because I NEVER pushed Pinto and let him come to me in his own time, he learned to trust me and not fear me in the least. If there were kids involved or a pushier person, I am not sure it would have worked out as well. He has such a strong memory and is overall a scaredy-cat, that I am not sure he will ever warm up to strangers.
I attached some pics. Please know he is super happy and well-loved. Best of luck with your new kitties. I wish I could take more.
Walks on the beach:  sounds like cat heaven.

Winnie and Odel as kittens

Pinto and his new buddy Pacha

Pinto and Pacha

Pinto on the beach


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