Sammy and Maggie at St Francis

Sammy and Maggie have been at St Francis house for 2 1/2 months and had free run of the place for 1 1/2 months.  People don’t see much of Sammy but Maggie hangs out upstairs in their room during the day and can be found in the front rooms at other times.

To understand what the pair were doing I let them a trail camera which was placed in the cat’s room.  The building is occupied from 9am to 3pm M-F.  Looks like Sammy joins Maggie soon after people leave, the eat, groom, nap, and wrestle until sometime in the evening.  They show up again early in the morning.  Overnight I assume they are playing, patrolling, and sleeping throughout the rest of St Francis house.

This pair were difficult to place.  They really liked each other, Maggie kind of liked people, and Sammy preferred to not be around people (though he could come to like being pet).  St Francis house is a great home for them.



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