Feeding Cinder


Cinder is a Seattle Animal Shelter foster cat.  We took her because she was loosing weight and her foster parent had too many kittens to track Cinder’s eating.  When she first came to us we integrated her with some semi-feral kittens from another site.

Cinder and the feral boys

They proved to be too old for an easy turn around so we sent them back (where some patient site care takers are working with them).  We took Cinder on our weekend get-away to a Whidbey island cottage.  After several rounds of feeding a/d food with extra water her appitite kicked in.

Back home she was doing great so we picked up another solo kitten from the shelter.  When this little gal arrived she spent the first 7 hours running madly around the room.  We thought it was excitement to be out of the cage but it turned out to be her natural waking energy level.  We named her Bolt!


After 3 days of watching each other at a distance Cinder and Bolt! began to play and sleep together.

Cinder and Bolt sleeping near each other

They ate well and gained weight.

Bold and our cat ambassador Annabelle

Cinder and Bolt together before going to SAS for surgery and adoption

  1. the black one is very cute kitty, muach… ^_^



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