Good Adoptions Make Us Happy

We are often asked:  “How can you give so much care to foster cats and then give them away?”

At first we could not.  We adopted the first two of our foster cats.  But then we learned two things:

  • We can’t keep adopting cats.  
  • Sending cats to good homes makes us happy.

If we adopted too many cats it would limit our ability to help others.  Two (mostly) cat friendly residents is a good number.  This gives us time and space to help other cats.

We do put a lot of care into the foster cats, come to love them, and want them to be happy.  When we find a good home for them we think:

This cat will now have a great home.  They will have people to love it and protect it.  We could not have done that for this cat.  We have now helped one more cat through the re-homing process.

We just sent Bubbles and Shadow to a good home.  Bubble’s came to us first, a Seattle Animal Shelter (SAS) foster chosen to be companion to Mustache, another young cat we were fostering.  (Mustache later went to the Feral Cat Sanctuary.) Shadow came later, one of 5 at-risk cats, removed from a very unpleasant hoarding situation, who came to us for evaluation. Shadow and Bubbles soon bonded.

Bubbles, not the most affectionate cat, and prone to picking on other cats in our house, showed great patience and tenderness toward Shadow.  Shadow went from a shut down, confused little kitten, to a confident great companion to us and to Bubbles.

Shadow sleeping in my arms.

Shadow sleeping in my arms.





Shadow cuddling with our resident Annabelle

Shadow cuddling with our resident Annabelle

Bubbles grooming Shadow

Bubbles even cleans the bottom of Shadow’s paws!




They were adopted to a nice man who really appreciated cats.  Sending cats away with adopters is bitter-sweet.  Bitter for them because we know it will upset them to be uprooted and sent away from a home to which they have grown accustomed, and bitter for us to say good-by.  Sweet when we hear news of them in their new home.  The next day we go this photo and note:

Bubbles and Shadow taking claim of the bed. Very playful and active :)

Bubbles and Shadow taking claim of the bed. Very playful and active 🙂


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