Wally Update

This is an update on our foster cat Wally (aka “Wally G”, “Supper G”, and “The Cannon Ball”).  Brief recap:  this boy is from a hoarder.  He is very much of two minds of people:  part of him is wary of people and part of him loves to be pet by people.  Other cats from this site became supper affectionate but Wally remains mixed.  Other cats from this site also had good litter box habits but Wally:  mixed.

While his buddies from the site were here we kept the whole group together downstairs over night.  Wally spent a lot of time by him self but he also spent some time snuggled with his buddies.

Wally liked to sleep with his site-mates.

Wally liked to sleep with his site-mates.

Since the two ladies have been adopted we integrated Wally entirely – he how comes upstairs with our two resident cats.

Wally has presented us with some challenges.  He is wary of being touched.  I (Tom) put him in carriers several times and lost all his petting privileges.  He can get restive and somewhat noisy, particularly before meal times.  But worst of all: occasionally he pees on furniture.  There can be weeks between incidents but then he goes and does it again.  We don’t know why and are not experts on dealing with inappropriate elimination.

On the other hand he is a darling boy deserving of a good life.  I love Wally.  What a dear, beautiful cat.  He has the energy of a somewhat nerdy, awkward boy who does not know how to interact and make friends but has a good heart.  He is a happy and gentle boy who’s biggest offense is not knowing what to do.  Where he grew up he never learned not to pee on the couch, never learned to fully trust people, and somehow never learned to skillfully greet other cats.  With other cats he has two modes.  He either does an enthusiastic head-butt and body rub or cautiously shies away.  He does not seem able to distinguish another cat soliciting play vs intimidating him.


He got adopted once and returned 2 days latter.  His main offense was peeing on the bed but he also complained loudly about being shut in his “sanctuary” room.

Since that time we have not posted him for adoption.  We don’t know what to do with him.  We think he wants to live with other cats – but they have to be gentle cats.  We would like to place him as a companion animal but know it will be difficult to find adopters who will take a cat who is known to pee on furniture and have patience to socialize him.  He might do well in a shop home…

On one hand he is making great progress.  He lets us pet him more often.  He is very playful and often seems quite relaxed.  In just the past couple nights he has joined us on the bed and cuddled with our resident cat Annabelle.  He loves this and has purred louder than I have ever heard him purr.

Annabelle and Wally snuggling

Annabelle and Wally snuggling

On the other hand he is an un-repentant pee-er.  I have video of him peeing in a cat bed which he was just sleeping in.  My best understanding of this is that he never learned to pee ONLY in litter boxes.  He will use them in general but if another soft surface presents then he will use that.

We are not sure what to do with this boy.

  1. Good luck to peer Wally then! Hope he gets over his peeing habit soon!


  2. Wally looks great, but what a pity that he has that peeing problem. I wonder if you’ve tried a different litter like, for example, a loose, clumping and unscented clay litter containing activated charcoal?


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